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Form.Show(IWin32Window) Method


Shows the form with the specified owner to the user.

 void Show(System::Windows::Forms::IWin32Window ^ owner);
public void Show (System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window owner);
public void Show (System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window? owner);
override this.Show : System.Windows.Forms.IWin32Window -> unit
Public Sub Show (owner As IWin32Window)



Any object that implements IWin32Window and represents the top-level window that will own this form.


The form being shown is already visible.


The form specified in the owner parameter is the same as the form being shown.


The form being shown is disabled.


The form being shown is not a top-level window.


The form being shown as a dialog box is already a modal form.


The current process is not running in user interactive mode (for more information, see UserInteractive).


You can use this method to display a non-modal form. When you use this method, the Owner property of the form is set to owner. The non-modal form can use the Owner property to get information about the owning form. Calling this method is identical to setting the Owner property of the non-modal and then calling the Show() method.

Showing the form is equivalent to setting the Visible property to true. After the Show method is called, the Visible property returns a value of true until the Hide method is called.

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