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FrameworkElement.ArrangeOverride(Size) Method


When overridden in a derived class, positions child elements and determines a size for a FrameworkElement derived class.

 virtual System::Windows::Size ArrangeOverride(System::Windows::Size finalSize);
protected virtual System.Windows.Size ArrangeOverride (System.Windows.Size finalSize);
abstract member ArrangeOverride : System.Windows.Size -> System.Windows.Size
override this.ArrangeOverride : System.Windows.Size -> System.Windows.Size
Protected Overridable Function ArrangeOverride (finalSize As Size) As Size



The final area within the parent that this element should use to arrange itself and its children.


The actual size used.

Notes to Inheritors

Control authors who want to customize the arrange pass of layout processing should override this method. The implementation pattern should call Arrange(Rect) on each visible child element, and pass the final desired size for each child element as the finalRect parameter. Parent elements should call Arrange(Rect) on each child, otherwise the child elements will not be rendered.

Many derived classes offer implementations of this method. Prominent ones include: ArrangeOverride(Size), ArrangeOverride(Size) and ArrangeOverride(Size).

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