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FrameworkTemplate.VisualTree Property


Gets or sets the root node of the template.

 property System::Windows::FrameworkElementFactory ^ VisualTree { System::Windows::FrameworkElementFactory ^ get(); void set(System::Windows::FrameworkElementFactory ^ value); };
public System.Windows.FrameworkElementFactory VisualTree { get; set; }
member this.VisualTree : System.Windows.FrameworkElementFactory with get, set
Public Property VisualTree As FrameworkElementFactory

Property Value

The root node of the template.


XAML Property Element Usage

  <VisualTreeRootNode > VisualTreeNodeContents  
  </VisualTreeRootNode >  

XAML Values

A single XAML element as the immediate child of the FrameworkTemplate subclass. Templates must have a single root node. In order to generate a useful template, the element chosen as VisualTreeRootNode is expected to support a content model of its own, often a model that supports multiple child elements.

One or more elements that complete the intended template. If the element chosen as VisualTreeRootNode only supports a single child, then there can only be one element declared as VisualTreeNodeContents. It is also possible (though uncommon) to provide text content if the chosen VisualTreeRootNode supports a text content property.

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