FreezableCollection<T>.FreezeCore(Boolean) Method


Makes this FreezableCollection<T> object unmodifiable or determines whether it can be made unmodifiable.

 override bool FreezeCore(bool isChecking);
protected override bool FreezeCore (bool isChecking);
override this.FreezeCore : bool -> bool
Protected Overrides Function FreezeCore (isChecking As Boolean) As Boolean



true if the FreezableCollection<T> should simply return whether it can be frozen. false if the FreezableCollection<T> instance should actually freeze itself when this method is called.


If isChecking is true, this method returns true if this FreezableCollection<T> can be made unmodifiable, or false if it cannot be made unmodifiable.

If isChecking is false, this method returns true if the if the specified FreezableCollection<T> is now unmodifiable, or false if it cannot be made unmodifiable, with the side effect of having begun to change the frozen status of this object.


Do not call this method directly (except when calling base in an implementation). This method is called internally by CanFreeze (with isChecking equal to true) and Freeze (with isChecking equal to false).

Notes to Inheritors

For information about when to override this method, see FreezeCore(Boolean).

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