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LocalizabilityAttribute.Modifiability Property


Gets or sets the modifiability setting of the localization attribute's targeted value.

 property System::Windows::Modifiability Modifiability { System::Windows::Modifiability get(); void set(System::Windows::Modifiability value); };
public System.Windows.Modifiability Modifiability { get; set; }
member this.Modifiability : System.Windows.Modifiability with get, set
Public Property Modifiability As Modifiability

Property Value

The modifiability setting of the localization attribute.


The following code example shows the modifiability setting of localization attributes defined for a button.

<!-- Define localization attributes for the button.
      - The content is visible to the localizer and can be changed.
      - The font family property is visible to the localizer but cannot be changed. -->
    FontFamily="Microsoft San Serif"
      "$Content(Button Readable Modifiable) FontFamily(Font Readable Unmodifiable)" >
    your company name here


The following table shows the modifiability settings of the localization attribute.

Modifiability setting Meaning
Modifiable Targeted value is modifiable by localizers.
Unmodifiable Targeted value is not modifiable by localizers.
Inherit Targeted value's modifiability is inherited from its parent node.

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