BrushMappingMode Enum


Specifies the coordinate system used by a Brush.

public enum class BrushMappingMode
public enum BrushMappingMode
type BrushMappingMode = 
Public Enum BrushMappingMode


Absolute 0

The coordinate system is not relative to a bounding box. Values are interpreted directly in local space.

RelativeToBoundingBox 1

The coordinate system is relative to a bounding box: 0 indicates 0 percent of the bounding box, and 1 indicates 100 percent of the bounding box. For example, (0.5, 0.5) describes a point in the middle of the bounding box, and (1, 1) describes a point at the bottom right of the bounding box.


Note that the bounding box for the RelativeToBoundingBox value depends on the property with which this enumeration is used.

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