SourceChangedEventHandler Delegate


Represents the method that will handle the "SourceChanged" event on specific listener elements.

public delegate void SourceChangedEventHandler(System::Object ^ sender, SourceChangedEventArgs ^ e);
public delegate void SourceChangedEventHandler(object sender, SourceChangedEventArgs e);
type SourceChangedEventHandler = delegate of obj * SourceChangedEventArgs -> unit
Public Delegate Sub SourceChangedEventHandler(sender As Object, e As SourceChangedEventArgs)



The object where the event is raised, and the event handler is attached.


The event data.


The "SourceChanged" event that this delegate represents handlers for is not exposed as a public common language runtime (CLR) event, as is the case with most routed events. Instead, "SourceChanged" is a routed event that remains private to the WPF infrastructure and is direct routed. Because it is direct routed, sender and the Source in the event data are always the same object. You can add and remove handlers to this event despite the private access level of the event itself by using the public methods AddSourceChangedHandler and RemoveSourceChangedHandler.

The sender of the event will be a derived class of PresentationSource.

Extension Methods


Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.

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