WeakEventManager.Item[Object] Property


Gets or sets the data being stored for the specified source.

 property System::Object ^ default[System::Object ^] { System::Object ^ get(System::Object ^ source); void set(System::Object ^ source, System::Object ^ value); };
protected object this[object source] { get; set; }
member this.Item(obj) : obj with get, set
Default Protected Property Item(source As Object) As Object



The zero-based index of the requested source.

Property Value

Data being stored by the manager for this source.


Derived classes can choose what data and type to store in this indexer. Typically this is implemented as a WeakEventManager.ListenerList, which is a list of weak references to listeners. You would only have to change this type if the WeakEventManager.ListenerList type cannot contain your required information. If so, you will have to override the Purge method so that all cleanup of the underlying type is performed correctly.

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