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XpsDocumentNotificationLevel Enum


Indicates whether a write operation to an XML Paper Specification (XPS) document or a print queue sends back page-by-page and document-by-document progress notifications.

public enum class XpsDocumentNotificationLevel
public enum XpsDocumentNotificationLevel
type XpsDocumentNotificationLevel = 
Public Enum XpsDocumentNotificationLevel


None 0

The notification status is not indicated.

ReceiveNotificationDisabled 2

Progress notifications are disabled.

ReceiveNotificationEnabled 1

Progress notifications are enabled.


When notification is not enabled, the XpsDocumentWriter copies the serialized XML Paper Specification (XPS) document to the target XpsDocument or PrintQueue that created the XpsDocumentWriter. When it is enabled, the XpsDocumentWriter first deserializes the document, next reserializes it, and then writes it to the target while it sends progress notifications for each page and document.

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