System.Windows.Xps Namespace

Provides classes that write XPS documents to a data store or print queue.



Provides methods for writing Visual objects to XML Paper Specification (XPS) documents or to a print queue in batch mode.


Provides methods to write to an XPS document or print queue.


Serves as the base class for exceptions that are thrown by the XML Paper Specification (XPS) packaging and serialization APIs.


The exception that is thrown when reading, writing to, registering, or accessing in some other way an XpsDocument.


The exception that is thrown for XML Paper Specification (XPS) document serialization errors.


The exception that is thrown when a method of either an XpsDocumentWriter or a VisualsToXpsDocument object is called that is incompatible with the current state of the object.



Indicates whether a write operation to an XML Paper Specification (XPS) document or a print queue sends back page-by-page and document-by-document progress notifications.


The XpsDocumentWriter class provides the Write and WriteAsync methods that output XPS documents to a data store or print queue. Separate groups of write methods are provided for different content types including DocumentPaginator, Visual, FixedPage, FixedDocument, and FixedDocumentSequence. The XpsDocumentWriter methods enable you to also include a PrintTicket with the document, plus pass additional information to the handlers of the WritingCompleted, WritingProgressChanged, and WritingPrintTicketRequired events.

For more information about XPS, see the XML Paper Specification (XPS).

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