CallExternalMethodActivity.CorrelationToken Property


Gets or sets the CorrelationToken for the external method.

 virtual property System::Workflow::Runtime::CorrelationToken ^ CorrelationToken { System::Workflow::Runtime::CorrelationToken ^ get(); void set(System::Workflow::Runtime::CorrelationToken ^ value); };
public virtual System.Workflow.Runtime.CorrelationToken CorrelationToken { get; set; }
member this.CorrelationToken : System.Workflow.Runtime.CorrelationToken with get, set
Public Overridable Property CorrelationToken As CorrelationToken

Property Value

The correlation token for the external method.



The following sample shows how to access the CorrelationToken property of a CallExternalMethodActivity object. This sample is from the Correlated Local Service SDK sample, from the CorrelatedLocalServiceWorkflow.designer.cs file. For more information, see Correlated Local Service Sample.

this.createTask2.CorrelationToken = correlationtoken1;
Me.createTask2.CorrelationToken = correlationtoken1


This property defines which specific CallExternalMethodActivity activity a given external method call comes from. This value can then be used in the payload of a local communication service event to direct that event to the correct HandleExternalEventActivity activity.

For an example of correlation, see the Correlated Local Service Sample.

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