DependencyObject.UserData Property


Gets an IDictionary that associates custom data with this class instance.

 property System::Collections::IDictionary ^ UserData { System::Collections::IDictionary ^ get(); };
public System.Collections.IDictionary UserData { get; }
member this.UserData : System.Collections.IDictionary
Public ReadOnly Property UserData As IDictionary

Property Value


A dictionary that acts as an extensibility hook for developers to manipulate DependencyObject declarations for a design tool and associate custom data with individual activity declarations.



This property is a metaproperty, which means it is immutable at run time. Metaproperties do not change after a property instance is created at run time, so the property must be set to a literal value at design time.

This property is not used in the default Activity declaration implementations provided by Windows Workflow Foundation. This collection is not serialized; data that the collection contains is not persisted from design time to run time.

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