IAttachedPropertyStore Interface


Represents an attachable member store for an object where attachable members are set. This attachable member store can then be referenced with AttachablePropertyServices.

public interface class IAttachedPropertyStore
public interface IAttachedPropertyStore
type IAttachedPropertyStore = interface
Public Interface IAttachedPropertyStore


An attachable member is typically implemented and used as an attachable property. The term "attachable member" provides for the possibility that a technology also defines a system for attachable events. As an item in a property store, an attachable event stores a reference to the handler that is assigned through attachable member usage. An attachable event in XAML can use the same store as the attachable properties do, even if the attachable event is not truly a property to the underlying type system or as it is considered in real-world use.



Gets the count of the attachable member entries in this attachable member store.


CopyPropertiesTo(KeyValuePair<AttachableMemberIdentifier,Object>[], Int32)

Copies all attachable member/value pairs from this attachable member store into a destination array.


Removes the entry for the specified attachable member from this attachable member store.

SetProperty(AttachableMemberIdentifier, Object)

Sets a value for the specified attachable member in the specified store.

TryGetProperty(AttachableMemberIdentifier, Object)

Attempts to get a value for the specified attachable member in the specified store.

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