IFragmentCapableXmlDictionaryWriter Interface


Contains properties and methods that when implemented by a XmlDictionaryWriter, allows processing of XML fragments.

public interface class IFragmentCapableXmlDictionaryWriter
public interface IFragmentCapableXmlDictionaryWriter
type IFragmentCapableXmlDictionaryWriter = interface
Public Interface IFragmentCapableXmlDictionaryWriter


This class defines the properties and methods related to the capability of an XmlDictionaryWriter to redirect part of its output (a 'fragment') to a different stream than the stream it was created with and to directly insert such a fragment captured by redirection back into the main stream of the same writer at a later point.



Gets a value that indicates whether this XmlDictionaryWriter can process XML fragments.



Ends the processing of an XML fragment.

StartFragment(Stream, Boolean)

Starts the processing of an XML fragment.

WriteFragment(Byte[], Int32, Int32)

Writes an XML fragment to the underlying stream of the writer.

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