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XNode.EqualityComparer Property


Gets a comparer that can compare two nodes for value equality.

 static property System::Xml::Linq::XNodeEqualityComparer ^ EqualityComparer { System::Xml::Linq::XNodeEqualityComparer ^ get(); };
public static System.Xml.Linq.XNodeEqualityComparer EqualityComparer { get; }
static member EqualityComparer : System.Xml.Linq.XNodeEqualityComparer
Public Shared ReadOnly Property EqualityComparer As XNodeEqualityComparer

Property Value

A XNodeEqualityComparer that can compare two nodes for value equality.


The following example uses this property to retrieve an XNodeEqualityComparer, which implements the System.Collections.IEqualityComparer and System.Collections.Generic.IEqualityComparer<T> interfaces. It creates a dictionary that uses this property.

XElement xmlTree = new XElement("Root",  
    new XElement("Child1", 1),  
    new XElement("Child2", 2),  
    new XElement("Child3", 3),  
    new XElement("Child4", 4),  
    new XElement("Child5", 5)  

Dictionary<XNode, string> nodeDictionary = new Dictionary<XNode, string>(XNode.EqualityComparer);  
nodeDictionary.Add(xmlTree.Element("Child5"), "Child 5 Information");  
nodeDictionary.Add(xmlTree.Element("Child3"), "Child 3 Information");  
nodeDictionary.Add(xmlTree.Element("Child1"), "Child 1 Information");  

string str = nodeDictionary[xmlTree.Element("Child3")];  
Dim xmlTree As XElement = _   

Dim nodeDictionary As Dictionary(Of XNode, String) = New Dictionary(Of XNode, String)(XNode.EqualityComparer)  
nodeDictionary.Add(xmlTree.Element("Child5"), "Child 5 Information")  
nodeDictionary.Add(xmlTree.Element("Child3"), "Child 3 Information")  
nodeDictionary.Add(xmlTree.Element("Child1"), "Child 1 Information")  

Dim str As String = nodeDictionary(xmlTree.Element("Child3"))  

This example produces the following output:

Child 3 Information  

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