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XmlReader.SchemaInfo Property


Gets the schema information that has been assigned to the current node as a result of schema validation.

 virtual property System::Xml::Schema::IXmlSchemaInfo ^ SchemaInfo { System::Xml::Schema::IXmlSchemaInfo ^ get(); };
public virtual System.Xml.Schema.IXmlSchemaInfo? SchemaInfo { get; }
public virtual System.Xml.Schema.IXmlSchemaInfo SchemaInfo { get; }
member this.SchemaInfo : System.Xml.Schema.IXmlSchemaInfo
Public Overridable ReadOnly Property SchemaInfo As IXmlSchemaInfo

Property Value

An IXmlSchemaInfo object containing the schema information for the current node. Schema information can be set on elements, attributes, or on text nodes with a non-null ValueType (typed values).

If the current node is not one of the above node types, or if the XmlReader instance does not report schema information, this property returns null.

If this property is called from an XmlTextReader or an XmlValidatingReader object, this property always returns null. These XmlReader implementations do not expose schema information through the SchemaInfo property.


An XmlReader method was called before a previous asynchronous operation finished. In this case, InvalidOperationException is thrown with the message "An asynchronous operation is already in progress."


The IXmlSchemaInfo interface exposes a subset of the Post Schema Validation Infoset (PSVI) associated with an XML node.

If you have to get the post-schema-validation information set (PSVI) for an element, position the reader on the end tag of the element, rather than on the start tag. You get the PSVI through the SchemaInfo property of a reader. The validating reader that is created through Create with the ValidationType property set to Schema has complete PSVI for an element only when the reader is positioned on the end tag of an element.

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