UIApplication.CanOpenUrl(NSUrl) Method


Determines whether the given URL can be opened by OpenUrl.

public virtual bool CanOpenUrl (Foundation.NSUrl url);
abstract member CanOpenUrl : Foundation.NSUrl -> bool
override this.CanOpenUrl : Foundation.NSUrl -> bool



The URL to probe.

This parameter can be null.



true if there is an application registered to open the URL, false if not.



This function probes whether there is a handler for the provided URL on the system. For example, if you call this function with "tel://555-123-1234" on an iPhone, this will return true, but will return false on an iPod Touch.

This function does not validate the URL, it merely checks whether a handler for this URL has been installed on the system.

If you want to define your own URL handlers, edit your Info.plist file and define a new URL type, you then must update your FinishedLaunching(UIApplication, NSDictionary) method (to handle launching the application if it is not already running) and override the M:UIKit.UIApplicationDelegate.OpenUrl* method to handle the request to open the URL.

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