.NET on Azure development environment checklist

This checklist is provided to help you make sure you have your development environment correctly configured for .NET development with Azure

Create an Azure account

To access Azure services or run applications in Azure, you need an Azure account.

  • If you are a Visual Studio subscriber, you have monthly free Azure credits available to you every month
  • Create a free Azure account and receive $200 in credits and select services free for 12 months
  • Use an account assigned to you by your company's Azure administrator

Configure your IDE

Popular tools like Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code have extensions available to let you work with Azure right from your IDE.

Install the Azure CLI

In addition to using the Azure portal, you will want to install the Azure CLI to create and manage Azure resources.

Install additional tools and utilities

These additional tools are designed to make you more productive when working with Azure.

Bookmark the following sites

You will use these sites frequently when doing Azure development. Bookmark them for quick reference.