Toast is a timed alert that appears at the bottom of the screen. It is automatically dismissed after a configurable duration of time.

It provides simple feedback to the user about an operation in a small alert.

Platform specific initialization

To access the Toast functionality, the following platform specific setup is required.

No setup is required.



To display Toast, first create it using the static method Toast.Make(), then display it using its method Show().

using CommunityToolkit.Maui.Alerts;

CancellationTokenSource cancellationTokenSource = new CancellationTokenSource();

string text = "This is a Toast";
ToastDuration duration = ToastDuration.Short;
double fontSize = 14;

var toast = Toast.Make(text, duration, fontSize);

await toast.Show(cancellationTokenSource.Token);

When calling Toast.Make(), its parameter string text is required. All other parameters are optional. Its optional parameter ToastDuration duration uses the default duration of ToastDuration.Short. Its optional parameter double fontSize uses the default value of 14.0.

The following screenshot shows the resulting Toast:


Property Type Description Default value
Text string Text that displayed in the Toast. Required
Duration ToastDuration Duration Toast displayed. ToastDuration.Short
TextSize double Text font size. 14.0


The ToastDuration enumeration defines the following members:

  • Short - Display Toast for 2 seconds
  • Long - Display Toast for 3.5 seconds

These values adhere to the constants defined in the android.widget.Toast API.


Method Description
Show Display the requested Toast. If a Toast is currently displayed, it will automatically be dismissed before the requested Toast is displayed.
Dismiss Dismiss the current toast.


You can display only one Toast at a time. If you call the Show method a second time, the first Toast will automatically be dismissed.


You can find an example of this feature in action in the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit Sample Application.


You can find the source code for Toast over on the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit GitHub repository.

Details of implementation and limitation for different platforms

  1. The API allows override existing methods with your own implementation or creating your own Toast, by implementing IToast interface.
  2. Toast is implemented on Android, created by Google. Other platforms use a custom-implemented container (UIView for iOS and MacCatalyst, ToastNotification on Windows).
  3. Toast on Tizen can't be customized with its Duration and TextSize properties.