The user interface of a .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) app is constructed of objects that map to the native controls of each target platform.

The main control groups used to create the user interface of a .NET MAUI app are pages, layouts, and views. A .NET MAUI page generally occupies the full screen or window. The page usually contains a layout, which contains views and possibly other layouts. Pages, layouts, and views derive from the VisualElement class. This class provides a variety of properties, methods, and events that are useful in derived classes.

For further information on Behaviors please refer to the .NET MAUI documentation.

.NET MAUI Community Toolkit Views

The .NET MAUI Community Toolkit provides a collection of pre-built, reusable views to make developers lives easier. Here are the behaviors provided by the toolkit:

View Description
AvatarView The AvatarView is a control for displaying a user's avatar image or their initials.
DrawingView The DrawingView provides a surface that allows for the drawing of lines through the use of touch or mouse interaction. The result of a users drawing can be saved out as an image.
Expander The Expander control provides an expandable container to host any content.
MediaElement The MediaElement is a view for playing multimedia such as audio and video.
Popup The Popup view allows developers to build their own custom UI and present it to their users.
SemanticOrderView The SemanticOrderView provides the ability to control the order of VisualElements for screen readers and improve the Accessibility of an application.