'libintl' package removed from Alpine images

The libintl package is no longer included in .NET's Alpine container images.

Previous behavior

Prior to .NET 8, the libintl package was included in .NET's Alpine container images.

New behavior

.NET no longer includes the libintl package in its Alpine container images.

If your application has its own dependency on libintl, you might see the following error when running with .NET 8 in an Alpine container:

Error loading shared library libintl.so.8: No such file or directory

Version introduced

.NET 8 Preview 5

Type of change

This change is a behavioral change.

Reason for change

It was determined that .NET has no dependency on the libintl package. Only packages that .NET requires are included on top of the base Alpine container image.

Verify the functionality of your application when upgrading to .NET 8. If your application has a dependency on the libintl package, you can include it in the image by adding the following instruction to your Dockerfile:

RUN apk add --no-cache libintl

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