EditorConfig files implicitly included

Roslyn analyzers added support for parsing and respecting .editorconfig file options before the compiler added support for these files. To work around this limitation, .editorconfig files had to be included as AdditionalFiles project items. Now that the compiler implicitly includes .editorconfig files in a project, you'll get an error if you include them as AdditionalFiles project items.

Version introduced

.NET 6

Previous behavior

.editorconfig files could be included as AdditionalFiles project items.

New behavior

Starting with the .NET 6 SDK, you'll get the following error at compile time if you include an .editorconfig file as an AdditionalFiles project item:

error AD0001: Analyzer [...] threw an exception of type 'System.InvalidOperationException' with message 'Passing '.editorconfig' files as additional files is no longer needed. It will be implicitly discovered (if the file is in the project's directory or any ancestor directory), or it should be converted into a 'globalconfig'.


This warning only appears in .NET 6. It was removed in .NET 7.

Change category

This change might affect source compatibility.

Reason for change

The compiler now supports .editorconfig files, and they're implicitly included in a project if the file is in the project directory or an ancestor directory.

  • If the .editorconfig file is in the project directory or an ancestor directory, remove the <AdditionalFiles> item for the .editorconfig file from your project file.
  • Otherwise, convert the .editorconfig file to a Global AnalyzerConfig file, and change the AdditionalFiles item to a GlobalAnalyzerConfigFiles item in your project file.

Affected APIs