.version file includes build version

The .NET SDK installation folder (under dotnet/sdk/<version>) contains a .version file. This file includes the following data:

  • The hash for the commit for that version of the .NET SDK.
  • The stable version.
  • The runtime identifier (RID) of the .NET SDK.

This change adds the specific build number from the product's build system.

For example, the file now includes information similar to the following:


Previous behavior

The dotnet/sdk/<version>.version file contained three values:

  • Git commit hash
  • Simplified version
  • RID

New behavior

The dotnet/sdk/<version>.version file contains four values:

  • Git commit hash
  • Simplified Version
  • RID
  • Precise build version

Version introduced

.NET SDK 6.0.401

Reason for change

This change was made to enable internal testing of the dotnet-install script. The simpler, short build version cannot be used by the dotnet-install script prior to release.

No action is necessary unless you have tooling that parses the .version file. If you do, you'll need to account for a fourth entry in the file.