MSBuild now respects the DOTNET_CLI_UI_LANGUAGE environment variable and uses the language specified by DOTNET_CLI_UI_LANGUAGE for its command-line output. This change affects the output of the msbuild.exe, dotnet build, and dotnet msbuild commands.

Previous behavior

Previously, MSBuild command-line output was always in the operating system (OS) language and used its own encoding, regardless of DOTNET_CLI_UI_LANGUAGE.

New behavior

MSBuild uses the language specified by DOTNET_CLI_UI_LANGUAGE instead of the OS language for its command-line output.

On Windows, MSBuild output uses UTF-8 encoding now if DOTNET_CLI_UI_LANGUAGE is set and UTF-8 is supported.

Version introduced

.NET 8 Preview 5

Type of breaking change

This change is a behavioral change.

Reason for change

Previously, output from commands like dotnet build was a mixture of the DOTNET_CLI_UI_LANGUAGE language (for .NET SDK output) and the OS language (for MSBuild output). For example, the "Build succeeded/failed" output used the OS language. With this change, the language of .NET SDK and MSBuild output is consistent.

If you want to keep the old behavior, unset DOTNET_CLI_UI_LANGUAGE by using the command set DOTNET_CLI_UI_LANGUAGE= (or a similar command for your shell to change environment variables).