Install the .NET Upgrade Assistant

The .NET Upgrade Assistant can be installed as a Visual Studio extension or as a .NET command-line tool. When installed as a Visual Studio extension, loaded projects can be upgraded through the context menu. The .NET command-line tool version of the tool provides an interactive step-by-step experience. For more information about the tool, see Overview of the .NET Upgrade Assistant.


Install the Visual Studio extension

The .NET Upgrade Assistant can be installed as a Visual Studio extension, which lets you upgrade an opened project. Use the following steps to install the .NET Upgrade Assistant from inside Visual Studio. Alternatively, you can download and install the extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

  1. With Visual Studio opened, press the Extensions > Manage Extensions menu item, which opens the Manage Extensions window.

  2. In the Manage Extensions window, enter upgrade into the search input box.

  3. Select the .NET Upgrade Assistant item, and then select Download.

    The manage extensions window in Visual Studio, showing the .NET Upgrade Assistant.

  4. Once the extension has been downloaded, close Visual Studio. This starts the installation of the extension:

    A prompt to install the .NET Upgrade Assistant extension.

  5. Select Modify and follow the directions to install the extension.

Install the .NET global tool

The .NET Upgrade Assistant is also available as a .NET global tool. You can install the tool with the following command:

dotnet tool install -g upgrade-assistant

Similarly, because the .NET Upgrade Assistant is installed as a .NET tool, it can be easily updated by running:

dotnet tool update -g upgrade-assistant


Installing this tool may fail if you've configured additional NuGet feed sources. Use the --ignore-failed-sources parameter to treat those failures as warnings instead of errors:

dotnet tool install -g --ignore-failed-sources upgrade-assistant

For upgrading projects with WCF components, use the older version of the CLI tool. For more information, see Install (legacy version).