dotnet new uninstall

This article applies to: ✔️ .NET Core 3.1 SDK and later versions


dotnet new uninstall - uninstalls a template package.


dotnet new uninstall <PATH|NUGET_ID> 
    [-d|--diagnostics] [--verbosity <LEVEL>] [-h|--help]


The dotnet new uninstall command uninstalls a template package at the PATH or NUGET_ID provided. When the <PATH|NUGET_ID> value isn't specified, all currently installed template packages and their associated templates are displayed. When specifying NUGET_ID, don't include the version number.


Starting with the .NET 7 SDK, the dotnet new syntax has changed:

  • The --list, --search, --install, and --uninstall options became list, search, install, and uninstall subcommands.
  • The --update-apply option became the update subcommand.
  • To use --update-check, use the update subcommand with the --check-only option.

Other options that were available before are still available to use with their respective subcommands. Separate help for each subcommand is available via the -h or --help option: dotnet new <subcommand> --help lists all supported options for the subcommand.

Additionally, tab completion is now available for dotnet new. It supports completion for installed template names and for the options a selected template provides. To activate tab completion for the .NET SDK, see Enable tab completion.

Examples of the old syntax:

  • List the installed templates and details about them, including how to uninstall them:

    dotnet new --uninstall
  • Uninstall the Azure web jobs project template package:

    dotnet new --uninstall Microsoft.Azure.WebJobs.ProjectTemplates



    The folder on the file system or the NuGet package identifier the package was installed from. Note that the version for the NuGet package should not be specified.


  • -d|--diagnostics

    Enables diagnostic output. Available since .NET SDK 7.0.100.

  • -h|--help

    Prints out help for the uninstall command. Available since .NET SDK 7.0.100.

  • -v|--verbosity <LEVEL>

    Sets the verbosity level of the command. Allowed values are q[uiet], m[inimal], n[ormal], and diag[nostic]. Available since .NET SDK 7.0.100.


  • List the installed templates and details about them, including how to uninstall them:

    dotnet new uninstall
  • Uninstall the SPA templates for ASP.NET Core:

    dotnet new uninstall Microsoft.DotNet.Web.Spa.ProjectTemplates

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