Compiler Error CS0736

'type name' does not implement interface member 'member name'. 'method name' cannot implement an interface member because it is static.

This error is generated when a static method is either implicitly or explicitly declared as an implementation of an interface member.

To correct this error

  • Remove the static modifier from the method declaration.

  • Change the name of the interface method.

  • Redefine the containing type so that it does not inherit from the interface.


The following code generates CS0736 because Program.testMethod is declared as static:

// cs0736.cs  
namespace CS0736  
    interface ITest  
        int testMethod(int x);  
    class Program : ITest // CS0736  
        public static int testMethod(int x) { return 0; }  
        // Try the following line instead.  
        // public int testMethod(int x) { return 0; }  
        public static void Main() { }  

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