Compiler Error CS0737

'type name' does not implement interface member 'member name'. 'method name' cannot implement an interface member because it is not public.

A method that implements an interface member must have public accessibility. All interface members are public.

To correct this error

  1. Add the public access modifier to the method.


The following code generates CS0737:

// cs0737.cs  
interface ITest  
    // Default access of private with no modifier.  
    int Return42();  
    // Try the following line instead.  
    // public int Return42();  
struct Struct1 : ITest // CS0737  
    int Return42() { return (42); }  
public class Test  
    public static int Main(string[] args)  
        Struct1 s1 = new Struct1();  
        return (1);  

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