File system and the registry (C# Programming Guide)

The following articles show how to use C# and .NET to perform various basic operations on files, folders, and the registry.

In this section

Title Description
How to iterate through a directory tree Shows how to manually iterate through a directory tree.
How to get information about files, folders, and drives Shows how to retrieve information such as creation times and size, about files, folders and drives.
How to create a file or folder Shows how to create a new file or folder.
How to copy, delete, and move files and folders (C# Programming Guide) Shows how to copy, delete and move files and folders.
How to provide a progress dialog box for file operations Shows how to display a standard Windows progress dialog for certain file operations.
How to write to a text file Shows how to write to a text file.
How to read from a text file Shows how to read from a text file.
How to read a text file one line at a time Shows how to retrieve text from a file one line at a time.
How to create a key in the registry Shows how to write a key to the system registry.