Drag-and-Drop Operations and Clipboard Support

You can enable user drag-and-drop operations within a Windows-based application by handling a series of events, most notably the DragEnter, DragLeave, and DragDrop events.

You can also implement user cut/copy/paste support and user data transfer to the Clipboard within your Windows-based applications by using simple method calls.

In This Section

Walkthrough: Performing a Drag-and-Drop Operation in Windows Forms
Explains how to start a drag-and-drop operation.

How to: Perform Drag-and-Drop Operations Between Applications
Illustrates how to accomplish drag-and-drop operations across applications.

How to: Add Data to the Clipboard
Describes a way to programmatically insert information on the Clipboard.

How to: Retrieve Data from the Clipboard
Describes how to access the data stored on the Clipboard.

Drag-and-Drop Functionality in Windows Forms
Describes the methods, events, and classes used to implement drag-and-drop behavior.

Describes the intricacies of the event that asks permission to continue the drag operation.

Describes the intricacies of the method that is central to beginning a drag operation.

Also see How to: Send Data to the Active MDI Child.