How To: Add Multiple Sets of Settings To Your Application in C#

In some cases, you might want to have multiple sets of settings in an application. For example, if you are developing an application where a particular group of settings is expected to change frequently, it might be wise to separate them all into a single file so that the file can be replaced wholesale, leaving other settings unaffected. Visual Studio allows you to add multiple sets of settings to your project. Additional sets of settings can be accessed via the Properties.Settings object.

Add an Additional Set of Settings

  1. In Visual Studio, from the Project menu, choose Add New Item.

    The Add New Item dialog box opens.

  2. In the Add New Item dialog box, select Settings File, enter a name for the file, and click Add to add a new settings file to your solution.

  3. In Solution Explorer, drag the new Settings file into the Properties folder. This allows your new settings to be available in code.

  4. Add and use settings in this file as you would any other settings file. You can access this group of settings via the Properties.Settings object.

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