Using a Pen to Draw Lines and Shapes

Use GDI+ Pen objects to draw line segments, curves, and the outlines of shapes. In this section, line refers to any of these, unless specified to mean only a line segment. Set the properties of a pen to control the color, width, alignment, and style of lines drawn with that pen.

In This Section

How to: Use a Pen to Draw Lines
Explains how to draw lines.

How to: Use a Pen to Draw Rectangles
Describes how to draw rectangles.

How to: Set Pen Width and Alignment
Explains how to change the width and alignment of a Pen object.

How to: Draw a Line with Line Caps
Describes how to add end caps when drawing a line.

How to: Join Lines
Shows how to join two lines.

How to: Draw a Custom Dashed Line
Describes how to draw a dashed line.

How to: Draw a Line Filled with a Texture
Explains how to draw a texture-filled line.


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