ClickOnce Deployment for Windows Forms

The following topics describe ClickOnce, a technology used for easily deploying Windows Forms applications to client computers.

Choosing a ClickOnce Deployment Strategy
Presents several options for deploying ClickOnce applications.

Choosing a ClickOnce Update Strategy
Presents several options for updating ClickOnce applications.

Securing ClickOnce Applications
Explains the security implications of ClickOnce deployment.

Troubleshooting ClickOnce Deployments
Describes various problems that can occur when deploying ClickOnce applications, and documents the top-level error messages that ClickOnce might generate.

ClickOnce and Application Settings
Describes how ClickOnce deployment works with application settings, which stores application and user settings for future retrieval.

Trusted Application Deployment Overview
Describes a ClickOnce feature that allows trusted applications to run with a higher level of permission on client computers.

ClickOnce and Authenticode
Describes how Authenticode technology is used in trusted application deployment.

Walkthrough: Manually Deploying a ClickOnce Application
Demonstrates using command-line and SDK tools to deploy a ClickOnce application without using Visual Studio.

How to: Add a Trusted Publisher to a Client Computer for ClickOnce Applications
Demonstrates the one-time configuration of client computers required for trusted application deployment.

How to: Specify an Alternate Location for Deployment Updates
Demonstrates configuring a ClickOnce application, using SDK tools, to check a different location for new versions of an application.

Walkthrough: Downloading Assemblies on Demand with the ClickOnce Deployment API
Demonstrates using API calls to retrieve an assembly the first time your application attempts to load it.

How to: Retrieve Query String Information in an Online ClickOnce Application
Demonstrates retrieving parameters from the URL used to run a ClickOnce application.

ClickOnce Cache Overview
Describes the cache used to store ClickOnce applications on the local computer.

Accessing Local and Remote Data in ClickOnce Applications
Describes how to access local data files and remote data sources from a ClickOnce application.

How to: Include a Data File in a ClickOnce Application
Demonstrates how to mark a file so that it is available in the ClickOnce data directory.

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