ContextMenuStrip Control Overview


The ContextMenuStrip control replaces and adds functionality to the ContextMenu control; however, the ContextMenu control is retained for backward compatibility and future use if you choose.

Shortcut menus, also called context menus, appear at the mouse position when the user clicks the right mouse button. Shortcut menus provide options for the client area or the control at the mouse pointer location.

The ContextMenuStrip control is designed to work seamlessly with the new ToolStrip and related controls, but you can associate a ContextMenuStrip with other controls just as easily.

The following table shows the important ContextMenuStrip companion classes.

Class Description
ToolStripMenuItem Represents a selectable option displayed on a MenuStrip or ContextMenuStrip.
ToolStripDropDown Represents a control that enables the user to select a single item from a list that is displayed when the user clicks a ToolStripDropDownButton or a higher-level menu item.
ToolStripDropDownItem Provides basic functionality for controls derived from ToolStripItem that display drop-down items when clicked.

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