LinkLabel Control Overview (Windows Forms)

The Windows Forms LinkLabel control allows you to add Web-style links to Windows Forms applications. You can use the LinkLabel control for everything that you can use the Label control for; you can also set part of the text as a link to a file, folder, or Web page.

What You Can Do with the LinkLabel Control

In addition to all the properties, methods, and events of the Label control, the LinkLabel control has properties for hyperlinks and link colors. The LinkArea property sets the area of the text that activates the link. The LinkColor, VisitedLinkColor, and ActiveLinkColor properties set the colors of the link. The LinkClicked event determines what happens when the link text is selected.

The simplest use of the LinkLabel control is to display a single link using the LinkArea property, but you can also display multiple hyperlinks using the Links property. The Links property enables you to access a collection of links. You can also specify data in the LinkData property of each individual LinkLabel.Link object. The value of the LinkData property can be used to store the location of a file to display or the address of a Web site.

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