Keyboard Input in a Windows Forms Application

Windows Forms includes standard keyboard events that allow you to respond to specific key presses, and also provides ways for you to intercept, modify, and consume key presses at the application, form, and control level.

In This Section

How Keyboard Input Works
Describes how keyboard messages are processed and transformed into keyboard events.

Using Keyboard Events
Provides information on the types of keyboard events and the information that is received by the keyboard event handlers.

How to: Modify Keyboard Input to a Standard Control
Presents a code example that shows how to modify key values before they reach a control.

How to: Determine Which Modifier Key Was Pressed
Demonstrates how to find out whether SHIFT, ALT, or CTRL was pressed in addition to another key.

How to: Handle Keyboard Input at the Form Level
Presents a code example that shows how to intercept keys before they reach a control.