mc:ProcessContent Attribute

Specifies which XAML elements should still have content processed by relevant parent elements, even if the immediate parent element may be ignored by a XAML processor due to specifying mc:Ignorable Attribute. The mc:ProcessContent attribute supports markup compatibility both for custom namespace mapping and for XAML versioning.

XAML Attribute Usage


XAML Values

Value Description
ignorablePrefix Any valid prefix string, per the XML 1.0 specification.
ignorableUri Any valid URI for designating a namespace, per the XML 1.0 specification.
ThisElementCanBeIgnored An element that can be ignored by Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) processor implementations, if the underlying type cannot be resolved.
[content] ThisElementCanBeIgnored is marked ignorable. If the processor ignores that element, [content] is processed by object.


By default, a XAML processor will ignore content within an ignored element. You can specify a specific element by mc:ProcessContent, and a XAML processor will continue to process the content within the ignored element. This would typically be used if the content is nested within several tags, at least one of which is ignorable and at least one of which is not ignorable.

Multiple prefixes may be specified in the attribute, using a space separator, for example: mc:ProcessContent="ignore:Element1 ignore:Element2".

The namespace defines other elements and attributes that are not documented within this area of the SDK. For more information, see XML Markup Compatibility Specification.

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