How to: Use a MatrixTransform to Create Custom Transforms

This example shows how to use a MatrixTransform to translate (move) the position, stretch, and skew of a Button.


Use the MatrixTransform class to create custom transformations that are not provided by the RotateTransform, SkewTransform, ScaleTransform, or TranslateTransform classes.


<Page xmlns="" 
  xmlns:x="" >
  <StackPanel Margin="20">
    <Canvas HorizontalAlignment="Left" Width="340" Height="240" >

      <Button MinWidth="100">Click
          <MatrixTransform x:Name="myMatrixTransform">
            <MatrixTransform.Matrix >
              <!-- OffsetX and OffsetY specify the position of the button,
              M11 stretches it, and M12 skews it. -->
              <Matrix OffsetX="10" OffsetY="100" M11="3" M12="2"/>

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