<uri> Element (Uri Settings)

Contains settings that specify how the .NET Framework handles web addresses expressed using uniform resource identifiers (URIs).




Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.



Child Elements

Element Description
idn Specifies if Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) parsing is applied to domain names.
iriParsing Specifies if International Resource Identifier (IRI) parsing is applied to Uri and whether IRI parsing rules should be applied.
schemeSettings Specifies how a Uri will be parsed for specific schemes.

Parent Elements

Element Description
configuration Contains settings for all namespaces.


The uri element contains settings for members of the Uri class used by classes in the System.Net namespace. The settings configure support for IRI and IDN.



The following example shows a configuration used by the Uri class to support IRI parsing and IDN names. The example also clears all scheme settings and then adds support for not escaping percent-encoded path delimiters for the http scheme.


    <idn enabled="All" />  
    <iriParsing enabled="true" />  
      <add name="http" genericUriParserOptions="DontUnescapePathDotsAndSlashes"/>  

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