<dataContractSerializer> of <system.runtime.serialization>

Contains configuration data for the DataContractSerializer.



    <dataContractSerializer ignoreExtensionDataObject="Boolean"
        <add type="String">
          <knownType type="String">
            <parameter index="Integer"
                       type="String" />

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Element Description
ignoreExtensionDataObject A Boolean value that specifies whether to ignore data supplied by the endpoint when it is being serialized or deserialized. This attribute is settable only on the <dataContractSerializer> under the <behavior> element.
maxItemsInObjectGraph An integer that specifies the maximum number of items to serialize or deserialize. This attribute is 65536.

Child Elements

Element Description
<declaredTypes> Contains the known types that the DataContractSerializer uses when deserializing.

For more information about data contracts and known types, see Data Contract Known Types.

Parent Elements

Element Description
<system.runtime.serialization> Represents the root element for the System.Runtime.Serialization namespace section and contains elements for setting options of the DataContractSerializer.


For more information about known types, see DataContractSerializer and Data Contract Known Types.

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