<security> of <wsDualHttpBinding>

Defines the security capabilities of the <wsDualHttpBinding>.



<security mode="Message/None">
  <message algorithmSuite="Basic128/Basic192/Basic256/Basic128Rsa15/Basic256Rsa15/TripleDes/TripleDesRsa15/Basic128Sha256/Basic192Sha256/TripleDesSha256/Basic128Sha256Rsa15/Basic192Sha256Rsa15/Basic256Sha256Rsa15/TripleDesSha256Rsa15"

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description
mode - Optional. Specifies the type of security that is applied. The default value is Message. This attribute is of type WSDualHttpSecurityMode.

Mode Attribute

Value Description
None Security is disabled.
Message Security is provided using SOAP message security.

Child Elements

Element Description
<message> Defines the settings for the message-level security. This element is of type MessageSecurityOverHttp.

Parent Elements

Element Description
<binding> Defines all binding capabilities of the <wsDualHttpBinding>.


A dual binding exposes the IP address of the client to the service. The client should use security to ensure that it only connects to services it trusts.

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