<security> of <wsHttpBinding>

Represents the security capabilities of the <wsHttpBinding>.



<security mode="Message/None/Transport/TransportWithMessageCredential">
  <transport clientCredentialType="Basic/Certificate/Digest/None/Ntlm/Windows"
             defaultRealm="String" />
  <message clientCredentialType="Certificate/IssuedToken/None/UserName/Windows"
           negotiateServiceCredential="Boolean" />

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements


Attribute Description
mode - Optional. Specifies the type of security that is applied. The default is Message.
- This attribute is of type SecurityMode.

Mode Attribute

Value Description
None Security is disabled.
Transport Security is provided using HTTPS. The service needs to be configured with SSL certificates. The message is entirely secured using HTTPS and is authenticated by the client using the service’s SSL certificate. The client authentication is controlled through the ClientCredentials attribute. of the <transport>.
Message Security is provided using SOAP message security. By default, the SOAP body is Encrypted and Signed. This mode offers a variety of features, such as whether the service credentials are available at the client out of band, the algorithm suite to use, and what level of protection to apply to the message body through the Security.Message property. Client authentication is performed once per session and the results of authentication are cached for the duration of the session.
TransportWithMessageCredential In this mode, HTTPS provides integrity, confidentiality, and server authentication, and SOAP message security provides client authentication. By default, client authentication is performed once per session and the results of authentication are cached for the duration of the session.

Child Elements

Element Description
<transport> Defines the transport security settings. This element corresponds to the HttpTransportSecurityElement type.
<message> Defines the security settings for the message. This element corresponds to the MessageSecurityOverHttpElement type.

Parent Elements

Element Description
<wsHttpBinding> A secure binding for HTTP transport applications.


The WSHttpBinding class is designed for interoperation with services that implement WS-* specifications. The transport security for this binding is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) over HTTP, or HTTPS.

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