This element specifies the WebHttpBehavior on an endpoint through configuration. This behavior, when used in conjunction with the <webHttpBinding> standard binding, enables the Web programming model for a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service.



<webHttp />

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


Attribute Description
automaticFormatSelectionEnabled When this property is set to true, the WCF infrastructure determines the best format to use. Automatic format selection is disabled by default for backwards compatibility. Automatic format selection can be enabled programmatically or through configuration.
defaultBodyStyle Specifies the default body style of returned messages. For more information, see WebMessageBodyStyle and WCF Web HTTP Formatting.
defaultOutgoingResponseFormat Specifies the default outgoing response format for messages. For more information, see WCF Web HTTP Formatting.
faultExceptionEnabled Gets or sets the flag that specifies whether a FaultException is generated when an internal server error (HTTP status code: 500) occurs.
helpEnabled Gets or sets a value that determines if the Help page is enabled.

Child Elements


Parent Elements

Element Description
<behavior> Specifies the set of endpoint behaviors.

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