Manipulating Data in a DataTable

After creating a DataTable in a DataSet, you can perform the same activities that you would when using a table in a database. You can add, view, edit, and delete data in the table; you can monitor errors and events; and you can query the data in the table. When modifying data in a DataTable, you can also verify whether the changes are accurate, and determine whether to programmatically accept or reject the changes.

In This Section

Adding Data to a DataTable
Explains how to create new rows and add them to a table.

Viewing Data in a DataTable
Describes how to access the data in a row, including original and current versions of the data.

The Load Method
Describes the use of the Load method to fill a DataTable with rows.

DataTable Edits
Explains how to modify the data in a row, including suspending the changes to a row until the proposed changes are verified and accepted.

Row States and Row Versions
Provides information about the different states of a row.

DataRow Deletion
Describes how to remove a row from a table.

Row Error Information
Explains how to insert error information per row, to help resolve problems with the data within an application.

AcceptChanges and RejectChanges
Explains how to accept or reject the changes made to a row.

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