How to: Use EdmGen.exe to Validate Model and Mapping Files

This topic shows how to use the EDM Generator (EdmGen.exe) tool to validate the model and mapping files. For more information, see Entity Data Model.

To validate the School model using EdmGen.exe

  1. Create the School database. For more information, see Creating the School Sample Database.

  2. Generate the School model. For more information, see How to: Use EdmGen.exe to Generate the Model and Mapping Files.

  3. At the command prompt, execute the following command without line breaks:

    "%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\edmgen.exe" /mode:ValidateArtifacts /inssdl:.\School.ssdl /inmsl:.\School.msl /incsdl:.\School.csdl  

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