Null Semantics

The following table provides links to various parts of the LINQ to SQL documentation where null (Nothing in Visual Basic) issues are discussed.

Topic Description
SQL-CLR Type Mismatches The "Null Semantics" section of this topic includes discussion of the three-state SQL Boolean versus the two-state common language runtime (CLR) Boolean, the literal Nothing (Visual Basic) and null (C#), and other similar issues.
Standard Query Operator Translation The "Null Semantics" section of this topic describes null comparison semantics in LINQ to SQL.
System.String Methods The "Differences from .NET" section of this topic describes how a return of 0 from LastIndexOf might mean either that the string is null or that the found position is 0.
Compute the Sum of Values in a Numeric Sequence Describes how the Sum operator evaluates to null (Nothing in Visual Basic) instead of 0 for a sequence that contains only nulls or for an empty sequence.

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