.NET Framework Client Profile


This article is specific to .NET Framework. It doesn't apply to newer implementations of .NET, including .NET 6 and later versions.

The .NET Client Profile is a subset of the .NET Framework, which was provided with .NET Framework 4 and earlier versions and was optimized for client applications. The .NET Framework is a development platform for Windows, Windows Phone and Microsoft Azure and provides a managed app execution environment and the .NET Framework class library. The .NET Framework 4 and earlier versions provided two deployment options: the full .NET Framework and the Client Profile. The Client Profile enabled faster deployment and smaller app installation packages than the full .NET Framework.

Starting with .NET Framework 4.5, the Client Profile has been discontinued and only the full redistributable package is available. Optimizations provided by .NET Framework 4.5, such as smaller download size and faster deployment, have eliminated the need for a separate deployment package. The single redistributable streamlines the installation process and simplifies your app's deployment options.

However, if you are targeting the .NET Framework 4 or 3.5 and want to learn more about the Client Profile and when to use it, see .NET Framework Client Profile in the .NET Framework 4 documentation.

When you install .NET Framework 4.5, the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile is updated to the full version of the .NET Framework. For information about installing .NET Framework 4.5, see Install the .NET Framework for developers.

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