Control Pattern Mapping for UI Automation Clients


This documentation is intended for .NET Framework developers who want to use the managed UI Automation classes defined in the System.Windows.Automation namespace. For the latest information about UI Automation, see Windows Automation API: UI Automation.

This topic lists control types and their associated control patterns.

The following table organizes the control patterns into the following categories:

  • Supported. The control must support this control pattern.

  • Conditional support. The control may support this control pattern depending on the state of the control.

  • Not supported. The control does not support this control pattern; custom controls may support this control pattern.


Some controls have conditional support for several control patterns depending on the functionality of the control. For example, the menu item control has conditional support for the InvokePattern, ExpandCollapsePattern, TogglePattern, or SelectionItemPattern control pattern, depending on its function in the menu control.

UI Automation Control Patterns for Clients

Control Type Supported Conditional Support Not Supported
Button None Invoke, Toggle, Expand Collapse None
Calendar Grid, Table Selection, Scroll Value
Check Box Toggle None None
Combo Box Expand Collapse Selection, Value Scroll
Data Grid Grid Scroll, Selection, Table None
Data Item Selection Item Expand Collapse, Grid Item, Scroll Item, Table, Toggle, Value None
Document Text Scroll, Value None
Edit None Text, Range Value, Value None
Group None Expand Collapse None
Header None Transform None
Header Item None Transform, Invoke None
Hyperlink Invoke Value None
Image None Grid Item, Table Item Invoke, Selection Item
List None Grid, Multiple View, Scroll, Selection Table
List Item Selection Item Expand Collapse, Grid Item, Invoke, Scroll Item, Toggle, Value None
Menu None None None
Menu Bar None Expand Collapse, Dock, Transform None
Menu Item None Expand Collapse, Invoke, Selection Item, Toggle None
Pane None Dock. Scroll, Transform Window
Progress Bar None Range Value, Value None
Radio Button Selection Item None Toggle
Scroll Bar None Range Value Scroll
Separator None None None
Slider None Range Value, Selection, Value None
Spinner None Range Value, Selection, Value None
Split Button Invoke, Expand Collapse None None
Status Bar None Grid None
Tab Selection Scroll None
Tab Item Selection Item None Invoke
Table Grid, Grid Item, Table, Table Item None None
Text None Grid Item, Table Item, Text Value
Thumb Transform None None
Title Bar None None None
Tool Bar None Dock, Expand Collapse, Transform None
Tool Tip None Text, Window None
Tree None Scroll, Selection None
Tree Item Expand Collapse Invoke, Scroll Item, Selection Item, Toggle None
Window Transform, Window Dock None


If a control type has no supported control patterns listed but has one or more conditionally-supported control patterns, then one of those conditional control patterns will be supported at all times.

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