Contains values that indicate the startup behavior of the common language runtime (CLR). By default, garbage collection is non-concurrent, and only the base class library is loaded into the domain-neutral area.


typedef enum {  
    STARTUP_CONCURRENT_GC                         = 0x1,  
    STARTUP_LOADER_OPTIMIZATION_MASK              = 0x3<<1,  
    STARTUP_LOADER_SAFEMODE                       = 0x10,  
    STARTUP_LOADER_SETPREFERENCE                  = 0x100,  
    STARTUP_SERVER_GC                             = 0x1000,  
    STARTUP_HOARD_GC_VM                           = 0x2000,  
    STARTUP_LEGACY_IMPERSONATION                  = 0x10000,  
    STARTUP_DISABLE_COMMITTHREADSTACK             = 0x20000,  
    STARTUP_ALWAYSFLOW_IMPERSONATION              = 0x40000,  
    STARTUP_TRIM_GC_COMMIT                        = 0x80000,  
    STARTUP_ETW                                   = 0x100000,  
    STARTUP_ARM                                   = 0x400000  


Member Description
STARTUP_CONCURRENT_GC Specifies that concurrent garbage collection should be used. If the caller asks for the server build and concurrent garbage collection on a single-processor machine, the workstation build and non-concurrent garbage collection are run instead. Note: Concurrent garbage collection is not supported in applications that are running the WOW64 x86 emulator on 64-bit systems that implement the Intel Itanium architecture (formerly called IA-64). For more information about using WOW64 on 64-bit Windows systems, see Running 32-bit Applications.
STARTUP_LOADER_OPTIMIZATION_MASK Specifies that loader optimization shall occur.
STARTUP_LOADER_OPTIMIZATION_SINGLE_DOMAIN Specifies that no assemblies are loaded as domain-neutral.
STARTUP_LOADER_OPTIMIZATION_MULTI_DOMAIN Specifies that all assemblies are loaded as domain-neutral.
STARTUP_LOADER_OPTIMIZATION_MULTI_DOMAIN_HOST Specifies that all strong-named assemblies are loaded as domain-neutral.
STARTUP_LOADER_SAFEMODE Specifies that CLR version policy will not be applied to the version passed in. The exact version specified of the CLR will be loaded. The shim does not evaluate policy to determine the latest compatible version.
STARTUP_LOADER_SETPREFERENCE Specifies that the preferred runtime will be set, but not actually started.
STARTUP_SERVER_GC Specifies that the server garbage collection will be used.
STARTUP_HOARD_GC_VM Specifies that garbage collection will keep the virtual address used.
STARTUP_SINGLE_VERSION_HOSTING_INTERFACE Specifies that mixing a hosting interface will not be allowed.
STARTUP_LEGACY_IMPERSONATION Specifies that impersonation should not flow across asynchronous points by default.
STARTUP_DISABLE_COMMITTHREADSTACK Specifies that the full thread stack should not be committed when the thread starts running.
STARTUP_ALWAYSFLOW_IMPERSONATION Specifies that managed impersonations and impersonations achieved through platform invoke will flow across asynchronous points. By default, only managed impersonations will flow across asynchronous points.
STARTUP_TRIM_GC_COMMIT Specifies that garbage collection will use less committed space when system memory is low. See gcTrimCommitOnLowMemory in Optimization for Shared Web Hosting.
STARTUP_ETW Specifies that event tracing for Windows (ETW) is enabled for common language runtime events. Beginning with Windows Vista, event tracing is always enabled, so this flag has no effect. See Controlling .NET Framework Logging.
STARTUP_ARM Specifies that application domain resource monitoring is enabled. See the AppDomain.MonitoringIsEnabled property and <appDomainResourceMonitoring> Element.


Platforms: See System Requirements.

Header: MSCorEE.h

Library: MSCorEE.dll

.NET Framework Versions: Available since 2.0

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