Basic WCF programming

This section presents the fundamentals for creating Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications.

In this section

Basic Programming Lifecycle
Describes the lifecycle of designing, building, and deploying WCF service and client applications.

Designing and Implementing Services
Describes how to design and implement a service contract, choose a message exchange pattern, specify a fault contract, and other basic aspects of services.

Configuring Services
Describes how to configure a WCF service to support the contract requirements, customize local runtime behavior, and indicate the address to publish the service.

Hosting Services
Describes the basics of hosting services in an application.

Building Clients
Describes how to obtain metadata from services, convert that into WCF client code, handle security issues, and build, configure, and host a WCF client.

Introduction to Extensibility
Describes how to extend WCF to create custom solutions.

WCF Troubleshooting Quickstart
Describes some of the most common issues that occur, what you can do to solve them, and where to locate more information about the issue.

Discusses the two technologies, how they relate to each other, and when to use them.